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are groups within Holland Area Newcomers that meet monthly throughout the year. If you have questions about these groups, please email president@hollandnewcomers.com the Chairperson for the activity in which you are interested, and someone  will get back to you soon.  These groups are formed based on the latest interests of our members.



Book Discussion  

There is nothing like a good book, except perhaps sharing that book with a group of good friends. Once a month a member offers to host, select a book and lead the discussion. Don't worry if you aren't comfortable leading a discussion. We have plenty of members who love to take the lead in gabbing! So come and join us for a fun night of lively discussion- sometimes even about the book! We meet the last Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm. bookdiscussion@hollandnewcomers.com


Check Out Holland Area Newcomers  Join us the third Monday of each month (unless it falls on a public holiday) at JP’s Coffee and Espresso Bar in downtown Holland for our “Check Out Holland Area Newcomers” Coffee at 7:30pm.



Newcomers Diners

Our goal is to invite all adults; male and female, single or married, younger or older, for a monthly night out. We usually meet for dinner at a local restaurant but sometimes it may be dinner and a movie, or dinner and a concert, or dinner at a member’s home.




Moms and Tots

Don't be fooled by the name - dads are welcome too! Moms and/or dads get together with their infants, toddlers and preschoolers several times a month for story time, play time and other special outings such as apple picking, swimming and sledding. It's a great way to learn about children's activities in Holland.






Join us as we sample some of the area's best food and beverages.  We'll meet four times a year to try out different varieties, brands, or flavors of a specific food or drink and declare our favorites.  Beer, wine, ice cream, pizza, baked goods, etc. - they all deserve a taste.  So let's start Tastings!






Our most popular socials are our Monthly Ladies Luncheons and Quarterly Ladies Nights Out! The activities planned by the Socials Committee are as varied as it gets; there is truly something for everyone! We have organized everything-- from luncheons, to an evening out at a comedy club; shopping trips in Holland, Grand Rapids, or even Chicago; and family activities, such as our annual Kickoff picnic and our Halloween party. Also falling under the umbrella of “Socials” are Game Night, Ladies Night Out, Crafting 101, and Bunko, which are scheduled periodically throughout the year. Be sure to check the Socials section of both the newsletter and the website each month for current and upcoming events!


Dutch Costume Resale 2014

At this once-a-year event, people can find a Dutch costume to celebrate Tulip Time, or they can sell a costume they no longer need.  Holland Civic Center March 10th, 11th and 13th. president@hollandnewcomers.com



Activities will be listed in the newsletter and calendar, but cancellations or changes are made by email. Playgroups are also available based on children’s ages. Playgroups meet in member’s homes every week or two.


Didn't find an activity that you were looking for? With the help of our Activities Chairperson, why not start your own? If you think other people might be interested in your hobby, sport or activity, please contact us and we'll help you get a new group started.

Go to Contacts page for email links and chairperson names for specific activities.