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Please feel free to contact any of our board members during the year if you would like more information about an activity or are interested in helping in any way at president@hollandnewcomers.com

Activity Chairs

Book Discussion: Stephanie Litwinski,


Community Events-compile a list of area activities to be published in the Newsletter:
(Kids Events) - Chair needed
(Adult Events) - Chair needed

Dutch Costume Resale: president@hollandnewcomers.com

Game Night: Open, gamenight@hollandnewcomers.com

Newcomers Diners: Linda and Rick Burn,diners@hollandnewcomers.com

Moms and Tots: momsandtots@hollandnewcomers.com
(Playgroups) Carolyn McNeil
(Activities/Babysitting Co-op)

Socials: hansocials@hollandnewcomers.com
(Ladies Night Out) Roberta Mitchell
(Ladies Luncheons) Christa Sullivan

Tastings: Open, tastings@hollandnewcomers.com


President: Amy Kremer, president@hollandnewcomers.com
Secretary: Currently Open
Treasurer: Paige Lamb-VanderMolen
Advisor: Amy Kremer
Marketing: Kate Myron
Membership: Char Litwinski, membership@hollandnewcomers.com
Directory: Nancy Ooms, dir@hollandnewcomers.com
Newsletter: Elizabeth Morales, newsletter@hollandnewcomers.com

Newsletter position will be available Summer 2016, Please

email Elizabeth or Carolyn for information.

Website: Jim Helwig, webmaster@hollandnewcomers.com